Maine Coon Kittens for Sale Under $500 in Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

Maine Coon kittens for sale under $500 in Texas: this comprehensive guide delves into the fascinating world of these gentle giants, providing valuable insights into their unique characteristics, availability, and care.

In this guide, we’ll explore the distinctive traits of Maine Coons, their availability in Texas, and the factors influencing their pricing. We’ll also guide you through selecting reputable breeders, discuss the benefits of adoption, and provide essential tips for caring for your furry friend.

Breed Overview: Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Under 0 In Texas

Maine coon kittens for sale under 0 in texas

Maine Coon cats are a large, gentle breed known for their distinctive physical characteristics and friendly personalities. They are one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, originating in the state of Maine.These cats are known for their large size, with males typically weighing between 13 and 18 pounds and females weighing between 8 and 12 pounds.

They have a long, muscular body with a broad chest and a sturdy bone structure. Their coats are thick and shaggy, with a water-resistant texture that helps them withstand the harsh winters of their native habitat. The coats come in a variety of colors and patterns, including brown tabby, black, and white.Maine

Coons are known for their sweet and affectionate personalities. They are gentle and playful, and they make excellent companions for families with children. They are also very intelligent and trainable, and they can learn to perform a variety of tricks.

Physical Characteristics

Maine Coon cats have a number of distinctive physical characteristics that set them apart from other breeds. These include:

  • Large size: Maine Coons are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, with males typically weighing between 13 and 18 pounds and females weighing between 8 and 12 pounds.
  • Long, muscular body: Maine Coons have a long, muscular body with a broad chest and a sturdy bone structure.
  • Thick, shaggy coat: Maine Coons have a thick, shaggy coat with a water-resistant texture that helps them withstand the harsh winters of their native habitat.
  • Large, tufted ears: Maine Coons have large, tufted ears that are set high on their heads.
  • Bushy tail: Maine Coons have a bushy tail that is carried low to the ground.

Personality Traits

Maine Coon cats are known for their sweet and affectionate personalities. They are gentle and playful, and they make excellent companions for families with children. They are also very intelligent and trainable, and they can learn to perform a variety of tricks.Some

of the most common personality traits of Maine Coon cats include:

  • Affectionate: Maine Coons are very affectionate cats that love to cuddle and be petted.
  • Playful: Maine Coons are playful cats that enjoy chasing toys and playing with their owners.
  • Gentle: Maine Coons are gentle cats that are good with children and other pets.
  • Intelligent: Maine Coons are very intelligent cats that can learn to perform a variety of tricks.
  • Trainable: Maine Coons are very trainable cats that can be taught to walk on a leash, sit, and stay.

Availability in Texas

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Finding Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas is a relatively straightforward task, with numerous breeders and rescue organizations offering these adorable felines. These kittens are highly sought after for their distinctive appearance and affectionate personalities, making them popular pets among families and individuals alike.


There are several reputable breeders in Texas who specialize in Maine Coon kittens. These breeders typically have a wealth of knowledge and experience in raising and caring for these cats, ensuring that you receive a healthy and well-socialized kitten. Some of the reputable breeders in Texas include:

  • Lone Star Maine Coons (Houston)
  • Texas Maine Coon Cattery (Austin)
  • Hill Country Maine Coons (San Antonio)

Rescue Organizations

In addition to breeders, there are also several rescue organizations in Texas that offer Maine Coon kittens for adoption. These organizations typically take in cats that have been abandoned, surrendered, or rescued from shelters. By adopting a kitten from a rescue organization, you not only provide a loving home for a deserving animal but also support the organization’s mission of helping cats in need.

  • Austin Animal Center (Austin)
  • Houston Humane Society (Houston)
  • Dallas Animal Services (Dallas)

Pricing Range

Maine coon kittens smoke old registered weeks felines4us

The pricing range for Maine Coon kittens in Texas under $500 varies significantly depending on several factors, including age, lineage, and health.

Kittens under 8 weeks of age are typically priced lower than older kittens, as they require more care and attention. Kittens from reputable breeders with a proven lineage may also command a higher price than those from less established breeders.


  • Kittens under 8 weeks: $250-$400
  • Kittens 8-12 weeks: $300-$500


  • Kittens from registered breeders: $400-$500
  • Kittens from non-registered breeders: $250-$400


  • Kittens with a clean bill of health: $300-$500
  • Kittens with minor health issues: $250-$400

Breeder Considerations

Selecting a reputable breeder is crucial for finding healthy and well-socialized Maine Coon kittens. Look for breeders who prioritize the health and well-being of their cats, and who are transparent about their breeding practices.

Questions to Ask Breeders

When interviewing potential breeders, ask about the following:

  • Health screenings:Inquire about the health screenings the breeder performs on their breeding cats, including genetic testing for common Maine Coon health issues.
  • Socialization:Ask how the kittens are socialized and handled, and whether they have been exposed to children and other animals.
  • Background:Learn about the breeder’s experience, their breeding goals, and the lineage of the kittens.

Rescue Options

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Adopting a Maine Coon kitten from a rescue organization is a rewarding way to provide a loving home to a deserving animal. Rescue organizations in Texas work tirelessly to care for abandoned, neglected, and stray cats, including Maine Coons.

By choosing to adopt, you not only save a life but also contribute to the well-being of animals in need. Rescue organizations often provide comprehensive care for their cats, including vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and microchipping, ensuring they are healthy and ready for their forever homes.

Finding Rescue Organizations, Maine coon kittens for sale under 0 in texas

There are several reputable rescue organizations in Texas that specialize in Maine Coons. Here are a few resources to help you find one near you:

Health and Care

Maine Coon kittens are generally healthy and robust, but like all breeds, they are prone to certain health conditions. Some common health concerns to be aware of include:

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM):A condition that causes the heart muscle to thicken, leading to decreased heart function.
  • Polycystic kidney disease (PKD):A genetic disorder that leads to the development of cysts in the kidneys, which can eventually lead to kidney failure.
  • Hip dysplasia:A condition that affects the hip joint, causing pain and lameness.

Veterinary Care

Regular veterinary care is essential for maintaining the health and well-being of your Maine Coon kitten. Here are some recommendations:

  • Vaccinations:Maine Coon kittens should receive a series of vaccinations to protect them from common diseases, such as feline distemper, calicivirus, and rabies.
  • Deworming:Kittens should be dewormed regularly to prevent intestinal parasites.
  • Spaying or neutering:Spaying or neutering your kitten can help prevent certain health problems and unwanted litters.


Maine Coon kittens have a high metabolism and require a diet that is high in protein and calories. Here are some feeding recommendations:

  • Feed your kitten a high-quality kitten food that is specifically formulated for Maine Coons.
  • Feed your kitten small meals throughout the day, rather than one large meal.
  • Make sure your kitten has access to fresh water at all times.


Maine Coon kittens have long, thick coats that require regular grooming. Here are some grooming tips:

  • Brush your kitten’s coat at least twice a week to prevent mats and tangles.
  • Bathe your kitten every 4-6 weeks to keep their coat clean and healthy.
  • Trim your kitten’s nails regularly to prevent scratching.

Kitten Care Guide

Maine Coon kittens are adorable and playful, but they also require special care to ensure they grow into healthy and well-adjusted cats. Here’s a comprehensive guide to caring for your Maine Coon kitten:


Maine Coon kittens need a high-quality diet that is rich in protein and fat. Feed your kitten 3-4 times a day, and adjust the amount of food you give them as they grow. Avoid feeding your kitten table scraps or human food, as this can lead to health problems.


Maine Coon kittens are naturally social creatures, so it’s important to socialize them early on. Expose your kitten to different people, places, and experiences to help them become well-rounded and confident cats.


Maine Coon kittens are intelligent and can be trained to do a variety of tricks. Start training your kitten early on, using positive reinforcement techniques such as treats or praise.


Maine Coon kittens are very active and playful, so it’s important to provide them with plenty of opportunities to play. Play with your kitten several times a day, using a variety of toys and games to keep them entertained.

Training Tips

Training Maine Coon kittens can be a rewarding experience, but it requires patience and consistency. Here are some practical tips to help you train your kitten effectively:

Basic Obedience

Start with basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Use positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, to reward your kitten when they follow your commands. Be patient and repeat the commands often until your kitten understands what you want them to do.

Litter Box Training

Litter box training is essential for keeping your home clean and your kitten comfortable. Place the litter box in a quiet, easily accessible location. Fill it with unscented litter and scoop it regularly to keep it clean. Encourage your kitten to use the litter box by placing them in it after they wake up, eat, or play.

Clicker Training

Clicker training is a great way to train your kitten using positive reinforcement. A clicker is a small device that makes a clicking sound when pressed. When your kitten performs a desired behavior, click the clicker and immediately give them a treat.

Over time, your kitten will associate the clicker sound with a reward and will be more likely to repeat the behavior.

Common Health Issues

Maine coon kittens for sale under 0 in texas

Maine Coon kittens, like all cats, are prone to certain health issues. It’s important to be aware of these potential problems so that you can take steps to prevent them or seek veterinary care if necessary.

Some of the most common health issues in Maine Coon kittens include:

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

HCM is a condition in which the heart muscle becomes thickened and enlarged. This can lead to heart failure and is the leading cause of death in Maine Coons.

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

PKD is a condition in which cysts develop in the kidneys. These cysts can cause the kidneys to fail and can lead to death.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the hip joint does not develop properly. This can lead to pain, lameness, and arthritis.

Dental Disease

Dental disease is a common problem in cats of all ages. It can lead to pain, tooth loss, and other health problems.


There are a number of things you can do to help prevent health problems in your Maine Coon kitten:

  • Feed your kitten a high-quality diet.
  • Provide your kitten with regular veterinary care.
  • Brush your kitten’s teeth regularly.
  • Keep your kitten’s environment clean and free of hazards.


Maine coon kittens for sale under 0 in texas

Interested individuals often have various queries regarding Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas under $ 500. Here are some frequently asked questions along with their concise and informative answers:

Finding reputable breeders with healthy kittens is crucial. Explore online resources, read reviews, and seek recommendations to identify reliable sources.

Where to Find Reputable Breeders?

  • Online Marketplaces:Websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace often list kittens for sale, but exercise caution and verify the breeder’s credibility.
  • Local Pet Stores:Some pet stores partner with reputable breeders and may offer kittens for sale. Inquire about the breeder’s practices and ensure they prioritize kitten well-being.
  • Breed Associations:Organizations like The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) maintain breeder directories and provide information on ethical breeding practices.
  • Veterinarians:Local veterinarians may have connections with reputable breeders and can provide recommendations.
  • Word-of-Mouth:Ask friends, family, or fellow cat enthusiasts for referrals to trusted breeders.

Visual Aids

Visual aids, such as tables, can be a valuable tool for presenting information in a clear and concise way. In the context of Maine Coon kittens for sale in Texas, a table can be used to compare the prices and other relevant information offered by different breeders.

Breeder Comparison Table

The following table provides a comparison of kitten prices from three different breeders in Texas:

Breeder Name Location Kitten Age Price
ABC Cattery Austin 8 weeks $450
XYZ Cattery Houston 10 weeks $480
LMN Cattery Dallas 12 weeks $500

As you can see, the prices for Maine Coon kittens in Texas can vary depending on the breeder and the age of the kitten. It is important to do your research and compare prices from multiple breeders before making a decision.


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Whether you’re a seasoned cat enthusiast or a first-time owner, this guide empowers you with the knowledge and resources to make an informed decision about bringing a Maine Coon kitten into your life.

Remember, these majestic creatures are not just pets; they’re companions for life, offering years of love, loyalty, and unwavering affection.

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